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The educational Project


We are committed to educational excellence and the development of personality and multiple intelligences through musical practice.

We prioritize the educacion in values , through teamwork , self-confidence, the spirit of overcoming, the culture of effort and determination in practice.

We believe in the motivation based on the progressive development of skills, the satisfaction of achieving targets, the development of personal initiative and the enjoyment of artistic practice.

We believe that music should reach a wide population and therefore we promote amateur practice and we work to detect and promote young talents who want to orient towards a professional market, and in both cases, to be stimulate with music.

Our educational project is based on a curriculum designed for students to acquire the skills necessary for the practice of classical and modern music, with different itineraries that allow them to progress at different rhythms, depending on the motivation, dedication and talents of the students.

The curriculum used in all Liceu Music Schools is provided with the resources necessary to be implemented for ensuring the quality: teaching and learning materials, continuous assessment of students with a mark at the end of each level and each academic year, a diploma at the end of each stage, and training for teachers.

All our students participate annually in different artistic productions in order to express themselves as musicians since the first day of their music classes and throughout the various phases of their musical training

Conservatori del Liceu

Carrer Nou de la Rambla, 88
08001 Barcelona
(+34) 93 327 12 00


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 Premis i Reconeixements 

Creu Sant Jordi de la Generalitat de Catalunya
Medalla d’Or al Mèrit Cultural de l’Ajuntament de Barcelona
Medalla d'Or del Gran Teatre del Liceu
Menció especial de l’Associació Amics de la Rambla
Homenatge 175anys - Cambra de Comerç de Barcelona
Premi Europeu a l’Excel·lència - Fundació de Foment Europeu AEFE

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